Things that once floated

Water is powerful
Yet gentle
All water
In all lakes
Small rippled waves hit the shore
They make no sound
Turtles crawl over dead wood
& vanish in the bushes
Your body was light, almost weightless
The last bit of sunshine in your hair
I carried you trough shallow water
Your breath slow and deep
Everything was in a single kiss
Whole worlds
Whole words
And the taste of honey
Only lovers can sense
We laid down in the dirt
Our hands buried in mud and flesh
We made love to an ancient rhythm
I have long forgotten
Every leaf a mirror
& the smell of waterlilies
Our eyes knew what only just eyes can know
The lust, the love, the sadness
I knew our days were numbered
All that is left of our
painfully beautiful thing
Is this body of mine
Bleak as bare bones
As my feet leave the ground
I feel heavy
The water is cold
& the current drags me away
Slowly, as if dancing with you
one last time
Floating like a Russian ballet dancer
Soft silk in a warm summer wind
A piece of scrap wood on an oily creek
I get closer
I can feel it
I breathe
The water is ice in my lungs
It cools down my very desire
& makes me light again, so light
Water is powerful
Yet gentle
All water
In all lakes